Now What?

What can we do as 'Common Sense' Minnesotans? 


The federal government is responsible for introducing more money into the supply in the last two years (including the Trump admin), than has been in the supply EVER. The states did nothing to curb this during the Covid-19 craziness. Our governor and legislation stood by while hundreds of small businesses had to shut down their operation because some bureaucrats said they had to, because of 'science'. Coupling these two factors, we are facing something no one has ever experienced in The United States. Although, this exact crisis has been observed in many other countries & territories throughout world history. 

We need to cut the red tape that small businesses face while trying to get their new ideas to market. I don't see why someone should need to hire a lawyer when they want to open a business. 

free market education

One of the gripes I hear most when someone has a problem with public schools is, "Your education shouldn't depend on your zip code." 

I can agree with that statement but I would like to take it a step further and say, "Your education shouldn't depend on the state."

Our educators have their hands tied and are not given enough freedom to teach the curriculum that kids need to be learning. There are too many rules and standards set through some arbitrary agreements, between people that have not much to do with educating children. 

I truly believe the idea of having completely free market education can fix, and even improve greatly, the quality of our children's education. Allowing educators to operate on their own free market, their styles and methods could be practiced without 'State Regulation' and the best ideas would succeed. 

The first step toward this radical change would be some kind of school choice program or initiative that would allow parents to choose what school their children will attend. With enough of a tax credit to allow the parents to pay some of a tuition cost. Eventually, the goal is to eliminate income taxes that go toward paying for the Dept of Education. Nearly 40% of the state budget goes toward K-12 Education. That sounds nice but I think most of us agree the system is failing. More than 52% of the state revenue comes from individual income taxes! That is our money that the state feels it could do a better job spending. Let the people keep the money they earn and choose where they spend that money...including their child's education.

The next step is eliminating licensing requirements for...well, anything. I understand why it makes sense to most people that someone holding a license is 'qualified' to do something but there is a flaw in that system. The methods, styles and technology can improve quicker than updating qualifications for licensing. With a free market that allows educators to capitalize on new ideas, they would be able provide a much more fluid curriculum. A teacher that is held accountable by the parents as customers, will be held to a higher standard.

term limits & Ballot access

 I think most of us agree that the politicians that 'serve' us, should not make it their career to keep running elections. The power and access these politicians end up with should not be possible. If we limited the power the politicians had over the people, their influence would be less valuable which would lessen the incentive for corruption. I think state legislators and the governor should be limited to one six year term for senators and governor and three two year terms for representatives. I am completely open to many other options, as long as there are limitations. 

In order for a minor party to gain major party status, they must receive at least 5% of the votes in a statewide election. That minor party candidate also will need to get 2,000 signatures on at least 200 sheets of petitions. With a maximum number of entries being 10 per sheet. This has become a great hurdle for any other party trying to represent a minority population. 

As a candidate for State Representative, I was required to gather 500 signatures within a two week period. My election will not have any bearing on my party gaining major party status. While I did enjoy meeting and chatting with at least 350 of the 574 signers that signed my petitions, I believe these numbers and percentage should be lessened to make it more accessible for normal citizens to get involved and represent their community.